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Radar: Fix Radar or GTFO

After commenting on one of Oliver Drobnik’s radar reports where I complained about the unfriendliness of Apple’s bug reporting tool, Radar, I stumbled upon an initiative called ‘Fix Radar or GTFO’. If you ever filed a bug to Apple, you’ll perfectly recognise your own painful experience in that text. I encourage you to duplicate the issue in Radar and raise awareness around you to this initiative.

Fix Radar or GTFO

Duplicate of rdar://10993759

By making radars so hard and painful to file, most developers end up not filing them.
Steps to Reproduce:
Submit an issue.
Expected Results:
Filing a new issue is an easy and quick thing to do.
Actual Results:
The user interface is awkward and slow. We have to stop what we’re doing and go to a web UI that still thinks we’re running Mac OS X 10.1, that makes it awkward to look at bugs we’ve already filed and generally is un-Apple-like.
Full text and suggested fixes at